Why You May Be Losing Clients

Why You May Be Losing ClientsTo be a top producer in sales, you need to truly understand not only what a prospect wants and needs but how they feel. It’s a secret big scale marketers know all too well: people are emotional beings and their buying behavior is most often an emotional experience, motivated by emotions.

Do you see the joy in your client’s eyes as they purchase a new home? Feel their stress and frustration when their home is not getting attention from interested buyers? Recognize their anxiety in taking on a hefty mortgage?

Of course you do! Most of us can tell what emotions others may be feeling by observing body language and listening closely. However, empathy doesn’t stop there and sometimes this is where we see real estate agents miss the mark in connecting with their clients. They ignore their client’s feelings or dismiss them as not relevant to the sales process. Problem! How your client feels has a huge impact on their decision-making and ultimately, how they feel and think about you.

When you are able to understand what your client wants, you are in a better position to serve them. By demonstrating empathy, you show that you are working for them and not yourself. You put their interests at the forefront.

Next week, I’ll reveal the 4 Ways to Turn Up Your Empathy.

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