Time to Hire a Real Estate Assistant

Time to Hire a Real Estate AssistantWhat’s the most valuable asset in your realty business? Great properties? The latest technologies? The answer is quite simple – the most valuable asset in your business is YOU. Your ability to establish connections with people, gain their trust, and have them send you referrals is what will determine your success. That’s why maximizing your time in the area of building client relationships is paramount. This means hiring an assistant to do the rest.

You know that there’s only so much of you that can be given up in a day. And you know that you could easily work 70 hours per week. When you’re working really hard doing the “grunt work,” you spend the majority of your time completing low-wage work (filing, paperwork, social media updates). What’s worse is that you become tired from the workload and have no motivation or energy left to do the important work of building and developing your client base. You either don’t meet your sales goals or you burn yourself out trying to do it all.

If you are thinking big in your business, you’ve got to think about ways to grow your income without costing you more of your time. When you hire an assistant you get them to do the low-priority activities of your job, while freeing yourself up to focus on what you do best — real estate sales.

I’ve heard from many of you that the number one thing that stops you from hiring an assistant is money. But what if I told you that regardless of how much you earn now, an assistant could increase your productivity and increase your income?

Set some working capital aside to finance the best assistant you can afford. Start with a part-time assistant or share one with another agent. But don’t neglect this in growing your real estate business. Not only can you increase your sales, but top producers also notice that their attitude improves, their confidence is given a boost, and they have more personal time for their family and friends.

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  • Stan says:

    “the most valuable asset in your business is YOU.”

    Now THAT is something I must remind myself of!

    Thanks again for another helpful post!

    – Stan, BC

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