The Reason Why People Take Their Business Elsewhere

How to get people to do business with youHave you ever been confused when a prospect says “no” to doing business with you and then signs up with another Realtor? It can be quite frustrating when you’ve spent the time and energy fostering a relationship, only to see your prospect disappear and you don’t even know why. Can you guess the number one reason cited in surveys for why people take their business elsewhere? They didn’t like the agent. The reasons could range from finding the agent too aggressive, too scattered, too passive, or just giving off the wrong vibe. This all boils down to one thing: they didn’t trust that the agent could help them out in the way they needed to be helped out.

Research on personality type shows that different people like to be sold in different ways. However, your prospects will rarely tell you how they like to be sold to or communicated with, but they will give off important clues. As a Realtor, you can increase the number of clients you win over by noticing the clues they give you. When you recognize certain patterns and behavior in your clients and prospects, you can respond to them exactly in the way that works for them. The result? A steady stream of clients in your pipeline who want to work with you.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (or MBTI®) is a personality assessment that describes personality types in four-letters such as INFJ or ENTP. Myers Briggs strongly predicts how your prospects and clients like to organize their life, process information, make decisions, and communicate with you. As a real estate agent, Myers Briggs helps you increase your sales effectiveness by equipping you to do the following:

  • Build rapport and trust quickly.
  • Know exactly what your clients want and respond by talking their “language.”
  • Help your clients with the decision-making process, bringing their goals into sharper focus.
  • Know your own stress points and how to manage them.
  • Create a relationship with clients that endures over time and brings in referrals for new business.

The more aware you become of personality types, the better you become at selling yourself, the more effective you become at selling homes and increasing your income. So the question is…how effective of a real esate agent are YOU? To find out about your own Myers Briggs personality type, I invite you to take the online assessment (takes about 25 minutes to complete) and have a 1-hour consultation with me over the phone where I’ll debrief your results with you. Together, we’ll discover your sales-related strengths and how you can improve the way you build connections, communicate, influence, and seal more deals! Drop me a note to get started.

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