The Importance of Thinking Big

The Importance of Thinking BigAll of us think small thoughts from time to time. It’s natural to get bogged down in the everyday motions of doing things and make excuses for not being at your fullest potential. I don’t know how to get clients. I’m not as good as [insert name]. I’m not outgoing enough. It’s too hard. We’ve all made these statements in one form or another.

Unfortunately, these thoughts often keep you from getting what you truly want. When you focus on what you’re not or what you can’t do, you focus on scarcity thinking. All that negative energy makes you weak! When you fill your mind with self-defeating thoughts, you resist your own true potential and only perpetuate more small thinking. You deny youself your hopes and dreams and your ability to think big.

Let go of what doesn’t serve you. Ever notice how you can sabotage your own self-confidence and block yourself from what you truly want? If you’re not where you want to be in your business and life, reflect on the patterns of thought and behaviors you have that keep you where you are. Recognize when small thoughts sneak in and let them go! Replace them with thoughts that serve you well.

Now imagine how your life and business would change if you thought big most of the time. It’s what leading real estate agents do. They raise their expectations, look for opportunities, step out of their comfort zone and radiate a positive attitude that draws in people. Do they experience fear? You bet, but they use their fear to energize and propel themselves into action. That’s how they break their sales records and hit their commission out of the ballpark.

How are you thinking big this week?

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  • Simon says:

    Thinking beyond your scope of abilities is a challenging thing to do, but it gets easier as you eliminate the mental blocks that you mentioned above. The most effective technique for me is to take a short vacation every few months. Even if it’s just a weekend getaway in Seattle, spending time away from your usual routine helps to clear your head and get refocused on your bigger (long term) goals. Go big or go home!

    • Dal Sohal says:

      That’s awesome! Taking some time away is SO great for getting re-energized and putting your goals in perspective. Do away with the small thoughts and remember WHY those goals are so important to you. And then, GO after them.

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