The Daily Essentials for Your Business Plan

Daily Essentials for Your Business PlanMost real estate agents I work with tell me that they have a business plan. Sometimes these plans are elaborate and complex; other times they are simple and to-the-point. From what I’ve seen, neither format is a greater predictor of success. Rather, a common mistake agents make in designing their plan is overlooking the daily work that goes behind accomplishing bigger goals. Inevitably, your business plan is only as good as the daily habits you maintain to get things done.

When you start your day with focus and intention, you have clear direction on what you need to do. As you make daily progress, not only do you feel competent and effective, but you position yourself to reach your bigger goals.

Perspective. Start by looking at your yearly goals and break them down them into bite-sized activities you need to do monthly, weekly and daily. Once you put your yearly plan into perspective, focus on your daily activities.

Plan. Take 15 minutes at the start of each day to make a list of the tasks you need to accomplish by the end of the day. Write down how much time you need to accomplish each task and block off some time to do it. Be realistic with what you can accomplish.

Prioritize. Do the high-payoff actions first. These items are usually the ones that will give you some sort of immediate result. They are also sometimes the very things you dread doing, for example, picking up the phone and connecting with past clients or following-up with a lead you received at a networking event. Watch for any procrastination you may be experiencing!

Prospect. Be sure to include some time everyday for prospecting. As a business person, you need to constantly be thinking about your pipeline of clients. Building up the number of names in your client database is critical to success in your real estate business.

Check Your Progress. Instead of waiting until the end of the year to assess how you did, review your progess daily. What’s working for you? What needs to be tweaked? What is getting in your way? What is helping you towards your goals?

Ultimately, staying focused means showing up ready and energized everyday. Sounds easy enough, right? In reality, many things can get in your way: procrastination, lack of motivation or juggling priorities. Sometimes your own thoughts can be your biggest block in reaching your goals, “I’m not good enough or smart enough,” or “I’m never going to make it.” Should you abandon your business plan? Not necessarily. It’s a good time to regroup, reflect on what is getting in your way, and replace thoughts and habits that don’t serve you with ones that are confident and empowering. Private coaching can also help you get back on track and hold you accountable to your business plan.

What daily strategies do you use to keep your business plan moving?

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