5 Questions You Should Ask Your Buyers

5 Questions You Should Ask Your BuyersPursuing leads that go nowhere can be a real pain. It takes up your time, energy, and motivation when so much of your effort is spent with people who are not passionate about purchasing a home.

Getting good quality clients that lead to appointments, signed contracts and commission starts by working with people who are serious about purchasing a home now.

Leading real estate agents have a knack for identifying motivated buyers from those who may be not-so-serious. They ask the right questions before working with clients to ensure that they are dealing with people who are ready and eager to buy.

Before even jumping into identifying what the client wants in a home, take the time to ask these five questions to filter out people who are not motivated.

  1. How long have you been looking for a home? The longer the time the buyer has been looking, the lower the motivation. If the buyer has spent over four months looking, their initial drive may have fizzled out. It’s a good idea to ask them some questions to get deeper into their reasoning for looking at homes. Why haven’t they found anything yet? Ask for specific details of what they are looking for. It may be that they have unrealistic expectations and may not be willing to consider options.
  2. Are you working with another realtor? With so many real estate agents out there, it’s not uncommon for people to solicit the advice and service of more than one agent. Before you spend your valuable time showing homes to prospective buyers, interview them and offer to work with them as their designated agent. Let them know how you work and what kind of service they can expect from you. It’s important at this stage to establish a agent-client relationship so that they are committed to working with you.
  3. Have you been pre-qualified or pre-approved by a lender? Truly motivated purchasers will know how much they can afford and have their search criteria set accordingly. It’s a big time waster if you’re showing buyers homes that are out of their price range. If they seem clueless about their finances, put them in touch with a mortgage expert on your team and keep your relationship warm.
  4. Why are you moving? This question lets you know how urgent a move is for them. Is the current home too big or too small?  Was there a divorce? Is the family expanding? The greater the urgency, the higher the motivation.
  5. When do you need to move? If you know that they need to move in 30 days, you can be assured to make a quick sale. On the other end, buyers who are looking to purchase “sometime” down the road or who are ambivalent about a date can eat up a lot of your time.

Simple questions, but you’d be surprised by how many real estate agents don’t ask them! By asking these five questions upfront, you’ll not only save a lot of time for yourself but you’ll ensure that you are always working with clients who are serious and dedicated to finding and purchasing a home today.

What are your favorite questions to ask a buyer before you take them on as a client?

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