Making Time for Prospecting II

Making Time for Prospecting IIWe all know that when it comes to running a business, it’s easy to get focussed on the sales of the moment. The problem is that if you want to be successful in real estate sales, you need to be constantly thinking about where your next business deal is coming from. You need to be consistently and regularly prospecting. Last week, I left with you some homework that had you tracking how you spend your time in a given week. Pull out your schedule and let’s look at what you’ve accomplished.

What percentage of your activities is devoted to prospecting? Did you manage to find time every day for prospecting? You will get best results if you are prospecting every day.

How much time gets wasted daily? Take note of those things that eat up your time and set time parameters around them. For example, if you spend more time than necessary on Internet sites, give yourself a time limit. I find it helpful to go on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for 10 minute chunks three times a day to quickly scan what is happening and post comments. This time limit prevents me from getting sidetracked and distracted.

What activities can you delegate, simplify or say no to? If you are spending a lot of time on administrative tasks, you are losing out. Hire a web master or virtual assistant or set up organizational systems to help you with the administrative work. This will give you time to focus on high-impact activities such as connecting with clients, going to networking events and making personal contact with your business affiliates.

What are your main interruptions? Identify those things that seem to always get in the way and have you putting off prospecting for another day. Don’t take refuge to these old excuses:

“I’ll get around to prospecting next week.”

“I’ll follow-up with that lead tomorrow.”

“If I don’t make my target goal, there is always next year.”

Who do you need to get in touch with this week? Whether it is phone calls you need to make, events you should go to, or people to meet, set some time aside to make the appointments and schedule them in.

How did you do this week?

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