Making Time for Prospecting I

Making Time for Prospecting IDo you find yourself putting a lot of energy into prospecting for new clients, and then stopping altogether when you have properties to sell? If you do, you’re not alone. It happens to many agents – when the selling is done they revert back to prospecting. The problem with this cycle of contact is that it’s a shotgun approach where people don’t see your consistent presence. When the time comes, who are they going to call for their real estate needs? An agent who is on the top of their mind. This comes by maintaining regular steady contact with your prospects.

Having a steady stream of clients in your pipeline of clients is key to your success. That means that you need to be an excellent time manager. Leading real estate agents know this and that’s why they have systems in place to ensure that relationships continue to build and are maintained even when they are busy with sales. They set boundaries with their time so that they are spending it both efficiently and effectively.

Spend this week tracking how you spend your time. Write down everything that you do and accomplish. When your tracking is complete, take a good look at how you’ve spent your time. Next week, I’ll talk about what to do after you’ve surveyed how you spend your time.

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