Listen Up for Sales Success in Real Estate

Listen Up for Sales Success in Real EstateListening is hard work and we all have some bad listening habits. My sisters know me so well that they know the cues when I’m distracted and not listening. Just recently my sister was sharing a story with me and stopped mid-sentence to ask directly, “What was I just talking about?” Ok, guilty as charged. We can get away with these bad habits with family and friends, but when it comes to your clients, it can break your success as a real estate agent.

Client: “I would really like a house with solid security features.”

Real Estate Agent: “Yeah. OK. Let’s see…um, I can set up some appointments for us to go look at a few places this afternoon.”

In this example, the agent hears the words but doesn’t listen. He stays at the surface of the conversation but doesn’t understand the deeper significance that a sense of security has for his client. He’s missed the opportunity to connect to his client’s emotional need in purchasing the right home.

As a sales agent, it’s fairly common to think that it’s your job to perform and do most of the talking. But did you know that if you listen more than you talk, your powers to persuade increase? It’s true. Your clients can only listen to you for so long before their mind starts to wander or tune out. To keep your client listening, get them involved in the conversation by asking questions. And then, really listen to what is being said.

Client: “I would really like a house with solid security features.”

Real Estate Agent: “I can understand that. Security is important. What do you worry about? Tell me about what kind of security features you have in mind.”

In this instance, that agent gives full attention to listening to what is being said. He sees this as an opportunity to investigate and gather information that will enable him to meet his client’s needs as close as possible. He doesn’t allow himself to get distracted and begins by asking a question that makes an emotional connection with the client. He demonstrates empathy by placing himself in her position and attempts to see from her point of view.

The key is to concentrate, look for clues to emotions, and park your reaction while you fully hear what your client is saying. If you catch yourself interrupting or thinking about your next question, you’re not being fully present and you’ll miss the opportunity to truly understand and connect with your client. If you can master the skill of active listening, you will not only build trust but close more sales.

How good are your listening skills?

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  • Marina says:

    Listening skills are definitely essential in any field of work, but especially in real estate. Good article!

    • Dal Sohal says:

      Thanks, Marina! Yes, agents who can master the skill of listening build rapport quickly and win the trust of their clients with ease. And this gets them closing more deals!

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