Is Fear Holding You Back?

Is Fear Holding You Back?So you think you’ve done everything right: you’ve created goals, set up accountability checks, and implemented check lists to keep you on track but you have this nagging feeling that you’re not moving forward in your business. You feel stuck. Even if you’re committed to having a successful career in real estate, there may be a part of you that is determined to avoid going forward. You may not recognize it as fear but it may be the very thing that is holding you back. Fear can be a powerful motivator but it can also stop you in your tracks. Whatever it is you are avoiding, to get motivated to take action, you need to deal with your fear.

Write down your fear. Often times just naming your fear can do a lot to diffuse it. Sometimes fears are based on your imagination rather than something real. Perhaps you’re afraid to make a decision about your marketing strategy and it’s leaving you paralyzed in inaction? Maybe you need to get on the phone and make some calls and it’s not happening? Write down your fears and acknowledge what they are doing for you and your business, protecting you from discomfort and preventing greater growth in your business.

Question your fear. Ask yourself these questions: “Why are you holding back?”, What is the worst thing that would happen if you moved forward?”, “What are you missing out on if you do nothing?” Some of your fears will subside as your realize that they are based on stories you’ve created in your head.

If you still have fears on your list, ask yourself what resources and strategies you need to help you out. Do you need to work on your self-confidence? Presentation and networking skills? Motivation? Time management? Consider doing the Business Breakthrough program to turn your business challenges into business opportunities.

Break your actions into chunks. If the thought of facing your fears head-on seems overwhelming, it probably is! Consider breaking the changes you want to make into small manageable pieces so that you’re working on one piece at a time. It’s much easier to tackle a difficult task by breaking it down and do one thing at a time.

Visualize success. The brain has a tough time knowing what is real and what is imagined. This is why the fears you create in your head can seem so real. This is also the reason why visualizing your success can work in your favor. It’s simply a matter of imagining that you are really good at the very task you are avoiding. Visualize yourself doing it with ease and experiencing success. Repeat the visualization often and replace the fearful stories you’ve created with more empowering ones. High performing world-class athletes do it all the time, why not try it out for yourself?

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