How to Influence Without Being Pushy

How to Influence Without Being PushyEver feel like you might have been too pushy or aggressive with your client?  Did you sense them backing away as you went into your sales pitch?  Sometimes it happens quite innocently; you get excited when you see that your buyer is interested in a property and you start convincing them to make an offer.

But the effect on your client can be counterproductive. As soon as your clients start to feel pressure, they begin to lose trust that you are working for them.

When you behave in a way that is pushy, you leave an impression that the sale is about you and not about your client.  If a prospect or client senses that you have your sales hat on, they will resist. No one likes to be told what to do, especially when it comes to major life decisions.

So what do you do? When you feel the resistance, drop your selling and start listening. This is also the time, more than ever in your client-agent relationship, that your client needs to trust you for your advice and expertise to help them make one of the most financially important decisions of their life.

Treat their money like it’s yours. When it comes to making money for your client or saving them money, take care of it as if it was yours! Leading real estate agents know that it’s not about selling but about building relationships and serving your clients. The sales will naturally happen when you’re coming from a place of putting your client first.

Influencing is about moving things forward without being forceful, pushy or telling people what to do. To be influential, you need to turn on your assertiveness and interpersonal abilities. Your clients will be more likely to trust you when they feel acknowledged, understood, and in control of their decision. Instead of coming across as pushy, you will be persuasive, helping your clients, often unconsciously, see what you see.

Ultimately, people are motivated to buy when they feel that you “get” them, that you understand their needs and wants, and provide a product or service that delivers accordingly.  If you want to improve your ability to understand your clients, learn first about which emotional and social characteristics are positively and negatively impacting your sales ability. Take my Seal More Deals program and I’ll show you what changes you can make that will help you attract ideal clients and build relationships with ease.

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