How to Connect with Your Former Clients

How to Connect with Your Former ClientsHave you found yourself in a situation where you’ve lost touch with your old clients and contacts, even though you said you wouldn’t? And now you’re kicking yourself because you had a really good working relationship where they liked and trusted you? You’re not alone. Lots of agents get caught up with new work priorities and before you know it, a few months without communication easily turn into a year and more. At this point, you might be feeling too embarrassed to re-establish contact. I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late.

1.  You need to make the first step. Despite the fabulous experience they had working with you, they are unlikely to get in touch with you as they’ve moved onto other life priorities. So if you want to remain in contact, it’s up to you to keep the lines of communication active.

2. Come from a perspective of being in service. I often hear from real estate agents that they fear coming across as ‘sale-sy’ or ‘desperate’ when they ask for business. To avoid this, it’s important that you do it right. Don’t approach the call with a “here’s how you can help me” attitude. People are likely to squirm if they think your reason for re-establishing contact is for your self-interest only. Instead, get in touch with the intention of helping them.

3. Be prepared to provide them some information that would be of value to them. Perhaps they mentioned to you that they needed to get in touch with a roofing company or were looking for a general contractor to help with some fix-up jobs. That’s your opportunity to forward your reliable contacts onto them. They’ll appreciate the gesture and you’ll leave them thinking, “Wow, it was really nice of [insert your name] to call and thoughtful of him/her to provide a referral.”

When you re-establish a connection with the intention of being helpful, it changes the dynamics of the conversation for both parties. You’ll feel less pressure and embarrassment calling when you have no expectations. They will feel grateful, associate you with excellent customer service, and you’ll be on the top of their mind when their friends and family ask for an agent referral.

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