How is Your Real Estate Agent EQ?

How is Your Real Estate Agent EQ?When it comes to success in real estate sales, it’s not so much your IQ that counts but your EQ. Your EQ (Emotional Quotient) refers to your emotional intelligence and it’s what sets leading real estate agents apart from the pack. It’s what controls the outcome of your personal and business relationships, your motivation and realization of goals, your stress management, and your overall happiness in life.

Ever wonder sometimes why some seemingly marginal real estate agents get lots of business and attract new business easily? It has nothing to do with the amount of education an agent has acquired or whether they have an outgoing personality. It has everything to do with emotional intelligence – the ability to manage and regulate your own emotions and understand the emotions of others.

Success in sales requires you to be a people expert and understand that people buy on emotions.

With a high Real Estate Agent EQ, you are able to:

Be aware of your client’s emotions in “the moment” and effectively manage them;

Detect and respond to your client’s subtle cues of wants and needs;

Assess how a client is feeling and respond appropriately;

Create win-win relationships with clients, competitors, and affiliates; and

Foster authentic relationships with your sphere of influence that brings in a steady stream of clients and new business.

People like to buy from people who make them feel good. If you’re going to close more sales, you need to mirror your client’s values, inspire confidence and show understanding and empathy. Throughout the sale you need to show that you understand their emotional needs in addition to their housing needs.

The good news is that emotional intelligence can be taught and developed with the help of a trained coach. By working on your emotional intelligence, you can learn how to leverage your strengths and improve your ability to have a winning relationship-building personality that will help you draw in high-quality clients. Learn more about how you can raise your Real Estate Agent EQ.

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  • Marisa says:

    Hello Dal,
    Another Excellent article!

    I really believe that one of the most important EQ qualities is paying attention to what your clients have to say. Your clients will tell you how they feel often times with non-verbal cues.

    Thank you again,

    • Dal Sohal says:

      Thanks, Marisa! Yes, being able to “read” your client beyond just what they’re saying takes emotional intelligence. Even though people use logic and rationale to justify their buying decisions, their decisons are rooted in emotion. Real estate agents who can master emotional intelligence are the ones who are leading the pack, closing sales and bringing in a steady stream of clients.

  • Rod says:

    Great article Dal!

    Emotion is a very powerful thing especially when it comes to purchasing decisions. It can make or break a sale. Heck even if you are selling your home and the realtor doesn’t make your home look amazing in the marketing it can lead to heartbreak and firing said agent and finding someone better. There is a reason why the top agents in Metro Vancouver are the top agents. They make their clients look good and feel good about their property which makes it worth it to pay up the huge commissions that they do because they spend money on getting Professional Photography, Marketing, etc to get the place sold.

    There is nothing like the feeling you get when you look at a photo of a home and you can feel yourself living there because it looks so good.

    • Dal Sohal says:

      Thanks for your comment, Rod. Yes, the more that agents understand their own emotions and those of their clients, the better they can connect with their clients and stand out from other agents. Buying and selling real estate is based on emotions. Realtors who can leverage emotions will be the ones who keep sealing deals!

  • I need to have a team of employees with your skills in tapping into people’s emotions, Dal!

    • Dal Sohal says:

      Sounds good, Tony! I’ll be in touch to chat about this. If managers have one pressing need today, it is to have emotionally intelligent teams who are motivated, committed to goals, and effective in drumming up business.

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