How Effective Are Those Real Estate Flyers, Really?

How Effective Are Those Real Estate Flyers, Really?I get a lot of direct mail from real estate agents. It usually comes in the form of postcards or letters introducing their services. Seems like a good thing to do, right? Unfortunately, most of the mail I get is impersonal and doesn’t connect me with you. No connection = no business.

The problem is that flyers, postcards, and even static websites don’t do a very good job of letting people know what it’s like to work with you. It’s difficult to get a sense of your personality, work ethic and customer service skills.

Now, if you were to communicate with me in “real life,” it could very well be the start of a warm relationship.

Not too long ago, I received a phone call from a real estate agent in response to an ad I placed on Craigslist for a condo rental vacancy. The agent introduced himself and said that he saw my ad and although he’s wasn’t looking for a place to rent, he wanted to let me know that he had sold two condos in the same building.

Even though I had no intention of selling, as an investor, of course I was interested to know what the condos sold for. The agent asked for my email address to send me the details of his recent sales in the building and we had a brief conversation about the real estate market.

By setting himself apart from the pack, he became memorable for me. In fact, I have his contact information on file should I ever consider selling my condo. I didn’t perceive him as being “sales-y” as he didn’t offer a sales pitch, just a curiosity of my plans and an offering to help. This is how he turned a cold call into a warm prospect.

If you’re in the habit of sending out flyers and seeing some success from it, imagine what could happen to your business if you actually connected with your prospects in real time.

  1. Develop a sincere interest in people. People prefer to do business with people they trust and know. Get to know them. This means that you recognize each person’s unique needs and respond to them. Think of yourself as a service provider who is there to meet their needs.
  2. Ask good questions. People will do business with you when they feel that you have their best interest at heart. Asking questions is a powerful way to show that you are interested in people. It also gives you an opportunity to figure out how you can best help them.
  3. Ask open-ended questions that begin with What, How, Where, and Why.  These questions are meant to help you unravel and see your client’s needs and wants. Real estate agents who are good problem-solvers can sense what people need and they get in action to deliver.
  4. Let go of any attachment you might have to the outcome. When you can do this, there is no pressure to perform. You’re not worried about being rejected because you’re not focused on selling or performing. In fact, you are fine with people turning away because you have steadfast confidence in the kind of service you can provide to clients who need your help.

When you come from a place of sincerely trying to help, you don’t need a sales pitch. People will hire you based on the trust you have developed with them.

How do you make yourself memorable to your prospects?

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  • Karin Wills says:

    In our condo complex, these items go directly from the mail boxes to the recycling bin beside them. There are about 2-3 per mailbox per day, so about 400-600 get a glance to identify it and then right into the bin.

  • Mike Blaney says:

    If you believe that 7% of population moves each year and that people attain a heightened awareness of real estate in the 6 months prior to buying or selling…then if you mail 1,000 pieces there are 35 people interested if you are lucky on any given day (70 / 2). However they are still effective because you are reaching the people who need your service and the other 70 moving next year now know who you are.

    Of course it all depends on what you are sending. I would recommend working on your Reactivation, Referral and Repeat business before you count on direct mail to drum up business.

  • Margaux says:

    Bold action requires bravery! Thanks for the tips. :)

  • I regularly toss out piles of generic real estate flyers. None of them are ever addressed to me or contain useful information. They are all a smattering of blah blah about why i should call that number and get a free evaluation. Everybody knows evaluations are free anyway!

  • Dal Sohal says:

    Great discussion, everyone! I just received a Christmas card today from a local Realtor addressed to me as “Dear Owner/Investor.” A beautiful card but it would be so much more meaningful if it was personalized and if I had at least some ‘real life’ encounter with this person. Otherwise, it’s just considered bulk mail.

  • With the costs associated with mail pieces, today’s economics only allos us to mail to current and past clients. We spend more time meeting potential customers at creative type events.

  • You’re spot on Dal! About 5-6 times a year I walk down to the parking lot of my condo and find flyers attached to my windshield of my car with some poorly designed agent flyer.

    It is a tough market like Mike said, but hopefully agents find a different way to get the word out than spamming everyone with real estate flyers

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