Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting Out of Your Comfort ZoneAs a shy kid in elementary school, I rarely ever raised my hand to answer questions posed by the teacher. On those occasions when I did, it was only after some trepidation and much perspiration. So, it was even to my surprise when I made it my goal to enter and win the public speaking contest amongst my grade six peers.

I was petrified at the thought of speaking in an auditorium full of spectators but this goal had much more meaning than the presentation itself. It was proving to myself that I could do it. It was about pushing out of my comfort zone and knowing that whatever the results would be, I would be a changed person.

Through the years, I have learned that those who are the most successful take the most risks. They step out of their comfort zone where they dare to be different. They move forward with their ideas, take advantage of opportunities and experiment with different approaches. It may feel awkward but they don’t let fear compromise their chances for success. They do it because they know that outside of the comfort zone is where the greatest learning and growth happens.

If you want different results in your realty business, you need to do things differently. You need to do those things that you keep putting off and know you should be doing. It’s usually those things that make you nervous, anxious, and trigger procrastination.

Take a good look at your automatic behaviors and patterns. You have habits that sometimes serve you well, and others that don’t. Habits are automatic. They can block you from exploring new ideas and ways of doing business. What are your habits that limit you?

Identify your growth areas. To be a leading real estate agent, you need to set yourself apart from the pack. The changing times of real estate sales requires you to be at the cutting edge of marketing methods, technology, business models and fine-tuning your own emotional intelligence. What are your areas of growth?

Accept the fear. Many successful business people fail again and again before they succeed. Failure is a form of education with wise lessons and an encouragement to try again. If you have the power to imagine all kinds of horrible repercussions of failing, you also have the power to imagine being hugely successful. Recognize the fear you feel, choose thoughts that will serve you, and then move into action.

Take the leap. Try that very thing that scares you. Is it knocking on doors of prospects? A phone call you know you should make? A conversation you know is needed? A leads generation strategy you heard about?

Acknowledge your success. It’s important to take time to recognize when you do something out of your comfort zone. The best feelings come when you overcome your greatest fears. When you do this again and again, you make huge progress in your success.

What one thing can you do today that is outside your comfort zone?

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