Do You Resist Calling Your Prospects?

Do You Resist Calling Your Prospects?Everyone who has ever worked in sales has suffered from call reluctance at one time or another. Call reluctance keeps countless real estate agents from achieving their potential and reaching their goals. In fact, research shows that 80% of all first-year salespeople fail to make their target because of insufficient prospecting.

What is call reluctance? It refers to not wanting to contact a prospect.

Ever feel anxious before calling a prospect? Do you find yourself hesitating in following-up with a possible lead after a networking event? Do you overanalyze and procrastinate until you realize that so much time has passed that it’s now embarrassing to follow-up with a prospect? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, lots of real estate agents secretly struggle with a paralyzing fear of prospecting.

Whether the problem appears in your reluctance to pick up the phone and call a prospect or if you have trouble initiating face-to-face contact, it can limit your career progress by emotionally limiting the number of sales contacts you make.

Researchers George Dudley and Shannon Goodson identify 12 classic sales faces of caller reluctance:

  1. Doomsayer – Wastes time and energy worrying about prospecting.
  2. Over-Preparer – Overanalyzes and underacts.
  3. Hyper-Pro – Obsesses with image and spends too much time getting ready.
  4. Stage Frighted – Fears public presentations.
  5. Role Rejector – Feels conflicted or ashamed to be in sales.
  6. Yielder – Fears intruding on others or being pushy.
  7. Social Self-Consciousness – Intimidated by powerful clients.
  8. Separationist – Resists prospecting to personal friends, fears loss of friends.
  9. Emotionally Unemancipated – Wants to keeps business and personal life separate, fears loss of family approval.
  10. Referral Averse – Feels uncomfortable asking for referrals.
  11. Telephone Phobic – Cringes at the mention of using the telephone for prospecting.
  12. Oppositional Reflexive – Unable to accept coaching, advice, or constructive feedback.

Which ones show up for you?

Next week, I’ll talk about how you can overcome the fear of making calls and connecting with prospects.

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