Do You Have What it Takes for Real Estate Success?

Do you have what it takes for real estate success?Recently, I was reading the financial section of the newspaper and came upon a story of a man who worked in an executive job earning $100,000 a year in the hotel industry. Tired of the long hours, he quit his job and turned to a career in real estate. Sounds like a good move, right? Be your own boss, set your own hours, have a good degree of independence, plus the income potential that would far exceed his executive salary. Unfortunately, the cards didn’t quite play out as he had hoped. He earned just $13,000 in commission last year and is he is now living on his line of credit and no net income. The story didn’t reveal what went wrong but we can all imagine how he must have felt – frustrated, defeated, and perhaps regretful.

So what does it take to actually make a career in real estate?

1. You have passion and drive. You see yourself as an entrepreneur with a business to run. You set high goals for yourself and stay focused and committed to your plan. You work with a real estate business strategist to hold you accountable to your goals and be at your top performance. You love what you do.

2. You are people-oriented. You recognize that your business is not about selling houses, it’s about building relationships. You’re excited about meeting and getting to know people. You’re motivated to work hard for your clients and give them 100%.  If you don’t like engaging with people, this is the wrong career for you.

3. You leave a positive impression. Your attitude is positive and friendly. Even when you don’t make a sale or a client leaves prematurely, you keep your chin up. You don’t sweat the small stuff and know that persistence and a ‘you never know’ attitude is what will attract clients to you again and again.

4. You are emotionally intelligent. You’re willing to take an honest look at yourself. You know your strengths and weaknesses and actively work on those areas that hold you back. You take criticism well and know when to use it to improve your performance.

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