Converting Strangers into Clients

Converting Strangers Into ClientsSelling real estate is not just about long hours and hard work. It’s quite possible to be a busy agent who has put a lot of faith in marketing and lead generation, but be a drone and bore to the public. Instead, it’s your ability to convert strangers into friends that is going to win you clients. And it’s up to you to get prospects to like you and be confident in your services.

What are some of the question prospects ask themselves when they are deciding whether to work with you? Each prospect will ask different questions but they will usually fall into these four themes:

Do I like this real estate agent? Do we click?

Does this agent know the business? Does he or she understand the market and can they negotiate well?

Do I feel confident in this agent’s ability? Is this person looking out for my best interest?

Will this agent understand my needs and wants, and give me honest answers?

When you approach your prospects knowing that these questions are floating around in their mind, you can respond in a way that assures them you can do the job. Not only do you put them at ease but you get them excited about working with you.

Your prospects are looking to work with someone who exhibits some key characteristics: integrity, empathy, knowledge, confidence, and charisma. If you struggle with any of these areas, don’t despair, you can learn how to increase your emotional intelligence. When you can hone your skills in reading people, you will start to sell more and sell more easily. Not only will you make more sales but you will get more pleasure out of your work and suffer from less stress and rejection.

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