Conquering the Fear of Prospecting

Conquering the Fear of ProspectingEvery real estate agent at one point or another has experienced reluctance in making a phone call. In some cases, call reluctance has ended careers because it has prevented agents from achieving their potential. After all, prospecting is the lifeblood of selling. And what’s the point of knowing how to prospect if you won’t do it?

Suffering call reluctance is not about a lack of motivation or poor goal setting. In fact, real estate agents who have call reluctance care very much about meeting their prospecting goals. Calling prospects is a painful, daily struggle for many agents who have been trained in traditional selling techniques. In my experience, very few people can ignore their fear and still succeed. The problem won’t magically disappear and it needs to be confronted head-on.

Acknowledge the fear. If your fear of prospecting is holding you back from earning what you know you can, own up to it. Often, just admitting that you have a problem is the most difficult part, especially if you’re like many agents who know that something is wrong but can’t identify it. Sometimes it shows up as denial or underestimating the impact of not prospecting on your business.

Break the bad habit. Last week I shared 12 classic types of call reluctance. The key is to determine which call reluctance type is most common for you and then adopt the right countermeasure. This involves identifying your fear and the negative thoughts that keep the fear alive and sabotaging your success. Once you know where it’s coming from, you can tackle the problem head-on.

Get help. Changing your thinking and patterns of beliefs takes some work. But once you do, you see that there is a more natural and comfortable way to connect with your prospects. A way that has you speaking to your prospects like someone you know, transforming prospecting into a positive and rewarding experience. Your career is much too important to ignore the problem. To unleash your true potential, I invite you to work with me through my Business Breakthrough program.

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