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Increase Your Productivity with 3 Easy Steps

Increase Your Productivity with 3 Easy StepsKeeping track of the work you need to do and and checking it off as it gets done is one of the best time management strategies. In fact, my clients have consistently rated the “task list” or “to-do” list as one …

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How to say “no” without feeling guilty

How to say "no" without feeling guiltyDo you have a hard time saying “no” to the request of others? Do you find yourself always saying “yes” because you want to be seen as kind and considerate?

Well, you’re not alone. As a real estate agent, you know how it feels to be overscheduled and stressed with …

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6 Procrastination Busters in Real Estate

6 Procrastination BustersFor many real estate agents, procrastination is a real problem. In fact, it can be a career killer. How many times do you find yourself putting off a phone call for later? Or you’ve wanted to follow-up with someone you’ve just exchanged business cards with but never do? Or you’ve been meaning to contact your former client …

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Are You in the Habit of Procrastination?

Are You in the Habit of Procrastination?Ever notice how ‘today’ never seems to be the right day to dive into that task you’ve meaning to do for a while? You know you should do it but the thought of getting started just makes you groan. Feelings of anxiety and avoidance kick in. Every one of us feels like procrastinating every now and …

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Are You Productive or Just Busy?

Are You Productive or Just Busy?In the real estate business, you know how much your job depends on fostering relationships with people. In fact, you always have to be on the lookout for new clients. Yet, continually keeping up a “prospecting mentality” can be hard work, …

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Time to Hire a Real Estate Assistant

Time to Hire a Real Estate AssistantWhat’s the most valuable asset in your realty business? Great properties? The latest technologies? The answer is quite simple – the most valuable asset in your business is YOU. Your ability to establish connections with people, gain their trust, and have …

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