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Is Fear Holding You Back?

Is Fear Holding You Back?So you think you’ve done everything right: you’ve created goals, set up accountability checks, and implemented check lists to keep you on track but you have this nagging feeling that you’re not moving forward in your business. You feel stuck. Even if you’re committed to …

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Breaking Bad Work Habits in Real Estate

Breaking Bad Habits in Real EstateWe all have good and bad habits. The key is to know which ones are working in your favor and which ones are preventing you from maximizing your productivity and derailing you from your goals. Do you make excuses to avoid going to …

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Do You Have What it Takes for Real Estate Success?

Do you have what it takes for real estate success?Recently, I was reading the financial section of the newspaper and came upon a story of a man who worked in an executive job earning $100,000 a year in the hotel industry. Tired of the …

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The Key to Understanding Your Clients

The Key to Understanding Your ClientsSelling real estate is a personal business. You deal with people, all sorts of people, day in and day out. You come across a diverse range of personalities with a wide spectrum of emotions. Sometimes you’re dealing with client anxiety and stress. Other …

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When Negativity Creeps Into Your Business

When Negativity Creeps Into Your BusinessDo you tell yourself you’re going to have a tough time selling a particular house? Do you imagine that your open house won’t yield any offers? Do you go to a networking event thinking it will be a waste of time? If so, you’re …

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Conquering the Fear of Prospecting

Conquering the Fear of ProspectingEvery real estate agent at one point or another has experienced reluctance in making a phone call. In some cases, call reluctance has ended careers because it has prevented agents from achieving their potential. After all, prospecting is the lifeblood of selling. And what’s the point of knowing how to prospect if you …

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