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4 Sales Pitfalls to Avoid in Real Estate

4 Sales Pitfalls to AvoidWhen it comes to mistakes, we all make them. Unfortunately, some mistakes are more costly than others, impacting not only the sale you make today but future business. Here are 4 sales pitfalls to watch out for:

Not knowing your client. Be sure to spend time interviewing your clients so that you have a clear understanding …

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Gaining Client Confidence

Gaining Client ConfidenceWhen it comes to gaining client confidence. the trick is to radiate self-confidence in yourself. After all, perception is reality and how you perceive yourself goes a long way in how others perceive you. When you have a healthy dose of self-confidence, it shows that you believe in your skills and knowledge, and trust the decisions you …

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5 Ways to Connect With Your Open House Visitors

5 Ways to Connect With Your Open House Visitors The open house is your chance to not only sell the house but also sell yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to let people know what it’s like to work with you. Here are 5 action-oriented tips on connecting with visitors:

Smile. It’s so simple …

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Connecting With Your Open House Visitors

Connecting With Your Open House VisitorsI love going to open houses. This past year I’ve spent numerous Sunday afternoons making rounds in houses in my neighborhood. I enjoy the experience of walking through someone’s home and imagining myself living there. I also want to see what is going on in the local housing market and think …

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Converting Strangers into Clients

Converting Strangers Into ClientsSelling real estate is not just about long hours and hard work. It’s quite possible to be a busy agent who has put a lot of faith in marketing and lead generation, but be a drone and bore to the public. Instead, it’s your ability to convert strangers into friends that is going to win …

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A Winning Personality in Real Estate

A Winning Personality in Real EstateEver wonder why some real estate agents seem to attract clients like a magnet? The formula is simple: the more positive, optimistic and helpful you are, the more people are drawn to you. Quite frankly, as plain as it sounds, successful agents are “nice.”  When you exude “niceness,” people can’t help …

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