Breaking Bad Work Habits in Real Estate

Breaking Bad Habits in Real EstateWe all have good and bad habits. The key is to know which ones are working in your favor and which ones are preventing you from maximizing your productivity and derailing you from your goals. Do you make excuses to avoid going to a networking event? Are you always forgetting to follow-up with clients and prospects? Do you keep putting off your real estate blog or your social media marketing campaign? You may unknowingly be hurting your business with bad habits.

The good news is that habits are learned behavior and all it takes is learning some new habits to replace the old ones. If you know how to change your habits, you can improve your business results and your overall quality of life.

Decide how serious and commited you are to breaking a bad habit. You need to be motivated to make the change and have a compelling reason for doing it.

Pick one behavior you would like to change and write down the negative consequences it is having on your business and life. Then, write down all the benefits that would come from breaking the habit. Be sure to write it down as that will increase your awareness of the bad habit’s impact and increase your personal commitment to changing the behavior.

Create an alternate good habit. One way to change a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit. Write down simple actions you can take instead that would be more positive for you and your business. For example, if you have a bad habit of neglecting to follow-up with your previous clients or prospects, set aside a block of time in your calendar, on a specific date and time, to get in touch with them. If you are constantly late for appointments, set a goal to be at the appointment 15-minutes prior instead of “on time.”

Enlist some help. Having someone who can hold you accountable is one of the best motivators to changing behaviors and keeping it up. Check out a coaching program if you’re ready to eliminate excuses and get the support you need to be performing at your best.

Practice every day. The more practice you have of replacing the bad habit with a good one, the faster and easier it will be to create new neural pathways in your brain that will make the good habit more automatic. Ideally, practice your new habit every day for at least a month to ensure that your new habit is strengthened and becomes routine.

What bad habits are impacting your productivity?

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