Are You in the Habit of Procrastination?

Are You in the Habit of Procrastination?Ever notice how ‘today’ never seems to be the right day to dive into that task you’ve meaning to do for a while? You know you should do it but the thought of getting started just makes you groan. Feelings of anxiety and avoidance kick in. Every one of us feels like procrastinating every now and then. Although it’s a normal part of behavior, it can be debilitating if it becomes a habit.

To beat procrastination, you need to increase your motivation for the task. Ever notice how motivated you feel to do something fun? Well, here’s your chance to turn that task you’ve been putting off into something that is fun and rewarding. One of my favorite things to do when I’ve got the procrastination bug is to challenge myself to do the task for 10-minutes. I make it fun by setting a mini-goal and rewarding myself when I’ve reached it. Try it out. Commit to doing the dreaded task for 10 minutes, no matter what. Wipe out all the excuses you have in your mind, and just do it!

When the alarm goes off at the end of 10 minutes, ask yourself if you can keep going or need a break. If you turn it into a game where you challenge yourself to reach a difficult level, you might find that you are likely to continue until you are finished. If you need a break, come back to the task and accomplish it in small chunks. Often a task that seems overwhelming will stop you in your tracks but if you break it up, it doesn’t seem as daunting. You can actually see your progress!

What helps you get over the procrastination bug?

This week: Make it your goal to tackle the very task you’ve been avoiding.

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