Are you approachable? 3 easy things you can do.

Are You Approachable? 3 Easy Things You Can Do. Do you remember the last time you were at a networking event scanning the room for someone who seemed open to talking with you? Or when you were left alone at a party and glanced around the room for a familiar face? You probably don’t just pick anyone to approach. Most likely, you look around for someone who seems open to making contact.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you too, are sending signals that say “don’t bother me” or “I’m open to talking with you.” Working in real estate sales, it’s critical to know what your body is communicating. If you understand body language, you can use it to make others feel comfortable around you and influence the quality of your interaction with new prospects and referral partners.

Here are 3 easy things you can do:

Smile. It’s an invitation to connect. When you throw someone a genuine smile, you’re sending a message that you accept them. It also gives off a vibe that you are in a pleasant mood, thus, non-threatening. If you don’t smile and prefer to keep a neutral stance, be aware that you may be giving off a message that you are not interested, not open, and with a cold disposition, even though that is not what you feel.

Make eye contact. In Western culture, eye contact is a clear indication of interest to connect. Of course, staring at someone or displaying shifty eyes can make people feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Lack of eye contact, on the other hand, can make you appear less credible and less confident. When making a first impression, you’ll appear more approachable and likable if you have at least normal levels of eye contact.

Maintain an open stance. You are more likely to be approached if you maintain an open stance towards people. This means facing your body towards people, arms at your sides. If you’re already talking to someone, stand side-by-side with them if you want to invite another person into the conversation. Lean in to show interest.

This week:  Observe how your body language communicates. Show your openness to connect by smiling, making eye contact, and orienting yourself towards others. 

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