Meet Dal

Dal Sohal, Success Strategist for RealtorsYou know that feeling…

When your day is jam-packed with business activity but you seem to have made little progress?

Or the feeling of knowing there are some actions you should take, but they just get put off again and again?

I know what that’s like. Having the big ambition and the drive to pursue my vision, I would sometimes feel like I was running around in circles putting my energy in too many places — and not reaping the rewards for my time or efforts.

As a passionate and experienced real estate investor, I’ve worked with all types of real estate agents. I’ve seen how hard you work, the time you spend helping your client get the best deal, showing open houses, the endless hours spent prospecting and chasing possible leads, and the piles of administrative work that compromise the work/life balance you would love to have.  On top of all that, a lot of your clients have no idea how much backend work you do for them.

Knowing that agents who work the most hours aren’t always the ones who make the most money, I set out to create a business success development program for real estate agents. Through my research, interviews and work with numerous agents, I knew that this was a specific group of entrepreneurs I could identify with and serve well.

I founded Sales Solutions for Real Estate Agents to help you think big and manifest a business that is cultivating high quality clients year round!

Helping people reach their goals has been a life-long endeavor for me. Trained and skilled in helping people grow their business, I am ready to help you leverage your ambition and drive to experience the thrill of personal mastery and business success.


  • Dal Sohal, Success Strategist for Real Estate Agents
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