A Winning Personality in Real Estate

A Winning Personality in Real EstateEver wonder why some real estate agents seem to attract clients like a magnet? The formula is simple: the more positive, optimistic and helpful you are, the more people are drawn to you. Quite frankly, as plain as it sounds, successful agents are “nice.”  When you exude “niceness,” people can’t help but feel good around you. When you practice being nice, people automatically want to help you.

What does being nice mean? It about having flexibility.

Adjust to changing situations and accommodate unexpected demands. This can make a big difference in whether your clients will have a good experience working with you. When you can adapt to changing situations, your client will feel less pressured and more in control. When you let them take the reins, they are likely to feel that you are working for them.

Read your client’s body language and follow their pace and tone. Lots of salespeople think that in order to make a good first impression you need to be enthusiastic and bubbly. That can work if you’re meeting with someone who likes to interact that way but it can backfire if the prospect is not receptive. Observe their personality style and respond accordingly.

Be positive and stay positive. It can be tempting to surrender to being cynical or grumpy if things aren’t going your way. But remember that people feed off your energy. Keep up a positive attitude and don’t let the small stuff get to you. Show your resiliency in tough situations by staying upbeat.

Create a culture of “Yes.” If a client make a request, before you launch into excuses, ask yourself if it’s possible to deliver what they want. Sometimes “no” is the easier route and it may reflect the natural state of affairs, however, saying “yes” could make the difference in you getting future business.

How do you exemplify being “nice?”

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