8 Things to Talk About On Your Real Estate Blog

8 Things to Talk About on Your Real Estate BlogSince my blog posting on the 4 Advantages of Real Estate Blogging, I’ve heard from some of you that you would love to get your blog off the ground but you don’t think you have anything interesting to say beyond posting new listings.

Think again. You have plenty of interesting things to say! Blogging is a great medium for you to connect with prospects and give them a sense of who you are and your abilities as a real estate agent. Plus, you get to provide them with useful and relevant information that they will appreciate.

Provide buying and selling tips and a report on real estate trends. Providing regular updates shows that you are on top of current information. Keep this content fresh and talk about it consistently.

Discuss home styles and prices ranges. People are always interested in talking about the real estate market. How has the value of property changed in your neighborhood over the past several years?

Paint a picture of what daily life looks like in your buying/selling neighborhood. Give some information on the hot spots in the neighborhood including shops, parks, fitness facilities, and schools. When you can paint a picture with rich detail, it makes it easier for people to imagine themselves living there.

Point out the “cultural happenings” in your neighborhood. Talk about upcoming community events, festivals, markets, concerts and exhibitions. What makes your neighborhood unique?

Showcase the history and architecture of your neighborhood. Find some interesting trivia facts to share with your prospects about the heritage of the region.

Highlight recreational activities. Is your area known for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding? Or activities on the water like fishing and sailing? Where are the interesting hiking trails? Put a personal spin on it – what are your favorite things to do?

Make it personal by including some of your favorite neighborhood features. What’s your favorite restaurant? Include a picture of it and a sampling of the menu. Interview the owner. Tell a story about the neighborhood.

Talk about what you love about being a real estate agent. People are drawn to working with people who enjoy what they do. Give us a little background on how you started your career and an inside look at how you run your business.

Use these ideas for inspiration to get your blog going. Think about who your audience is and write your posts with them in mind. Start with what you know and what catches your attention.  The list of blog topics is endless!

What are your favorite topics to write about?

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  • Dina says:

    I know that I want to hear about neighborhood perks when I’ve bought real estate myself so I know it chimes for clients too!

    Neighborhood can be just as important to clients as the home itself.

    Great post!

  • I have been real estate blogging since 2006 and I never run out of things to write about.

    Market reports, neighborhoods, generic stories (never want to spill about my clients), events.

    Photo blogging, Video Blogging, Blogging with writing – you can do it any style you want!

    Dal – you are providing a great service to the industry!

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