6 Procrastination Busters in Real Estate

6 Procrastination BustersFor many real estate agents, procrastination is a real problem. In fact, it can be a career killer. How many times do you find yourself putting off a phone call for later? Or you’ve wanted to follow-up with someone you’ve just exchanged business cards with but never do? Or you’ve been meaning to contact your former client to see how they’re doing but just haven’t gotten around to it? Putting off important tasks will inevitably impact your bottom line by preventing you from earning the kind of income you want. And that could be career sabotage.

Here are 6 Procrastination Busters that will get you working on your business.

Create your action list the night before so that you’ve got a clear plan of things to do the next day. Arrange your list by priority so that you’re doing the important tasks first, not the easiest tasks.

Put a time limit on what needs to be done and set some mini-goals for yourself. Only have items on your list that you can actually achieve within the time frame. And then, just do it!

Organize your activities so that you do the more challenging tasks when you are most focused and energetic. If you save the difficult tasks for the end of the day, you’ll likely run out of steam or be inclined to put it off until the next day. Alas, procrastination sets in.

Break larger tasks into small chunks to increase your motivation. See last week’s post to learn how you can make it fun!

Identify the distractions that get in your way and remove them! Is it social media status updates, surfing the web, or checking your email every two minutes? For many real estate agents, the biggest distraction is their smartphone. It’s a great tool for business but it’s also a tool that sucks up a ton of time that could be used towards priority actions. Limit your time to only business-related viewing and you’ll be amazed to see how many action items you actually accomplish in your day.

If you work from home, treat your office space like a real office. Remove anything that is not work-related like TV, games, magazines, anything that draws your attention away from the business at hand. Distractions also include family members; let them know not to disturb you when you’re in your office.

Whether your procrastination stems from a fear of failure, perfectionism, overwhelm, or laziness, it holds you back from reaching your goals. That’s usually why you feel guilty when you procrastinate; you know you need to do it but you come up with excuses to avoid doing it. Once and for all, take charge and zap out the distractions that stand in the way of your success!

This week: Focus on starting, rather than finishing. The very act of starting something is usually enough to build the momentum you need to keep going.

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