5 Ways to Connect With Your Open House Visitors

5 Ways to Connect With Your Open House Visitors The open house is your chance to not only sell the house but also sell yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to let people know what it’s like to work with you. Here are 5 action-oriented tips on connecting with visitors:

Smile. It’s so simple to do but so many people forget to do it! Smiling makes people feel welcomed and helps ease social awkwardness. It is a physical sign of friendliness and makes people more receptive to you.

Provide an information sheet. I’m always amazed when agents haven’t printed up information sheets or have them available. As a potential buyer, it’s one of the things I’m always sure to ask for.

Get visitors to fill out a sign-in sheet or sign-in cards. Collect contact information from your visitors in order to follow-up. Give your guests the opportunity to sign up for your real estate blog or let them know that from time to time you come across some great deals and would be happy to forward them information. They may decline but they could also be your next client!

Point out special features in the home. This is your chance to show potential sellers how good you are at doing your job. Please notice the jacuzzi in the master bedroom. Have a look at the beautiful deck in the back of the house. The owners just extended their house to include a spacious solarium.

Ask questions. When you ask questions, you gather information that allows you to position yourself on how you can help. Are you thinking about buying a home? Are you looking in this area? Are you looking for a home in a higher or lower price range? Are you working with a real estate agent?

How do you leverage your open houses?

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  • steve mincer says:

    i am an agent that is having an impossible time getting their first listing. i do open houses for other agents’ listings in the hopes that maybe i’ll get a buyer lead or maybe a neighbor might come in and i’ll get a listing. all i ever get is “we already have an agent” or i give them the MLS flyer for the house and they never call me. when i put out any kind of sign in sheet, they always check “working with agent”. do other agents have this problem?

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