5 Keys to a Winning Sales Approach

5 Keys to a Winning Sales ApproachWith so many real estate agents for people to choose from, it’s increasingly important that you provide your clients with value and service that sets you apart from the pack. This means that you need to be skilled at effectively connecting and relating with clients. In fact, your success in real estate sales is directly proportionate to how well you understand people and your ability to make them feel like you have their best interest at heart. Top real estate agents know this and that’s why they position themselves first and foremost as resource people who strive to fully understand and meet their clients’ specific needs.

When you express care and concern it can help reduce client defenses and make what you have to say more compelling. But your care and concern has to be genuine; people are usually pretty savvy about detecting actions and attitudes that are inauthentic. You know how sales people sometimes get a bad rap for being cheesy? It’s because you can sense the phoniness in their desire to help people.

Here are five simple things you can do to improve your sales approach.

  1. Be present. Your body language should convey that you are genuinely interested. Good eye contact, energy, and listening actively are ways you can build rapport and connect with your client.
  2. Show empathy and understanding. Acknowledge what your client is saying and demonstrate understanding with empathy. When you are genuinely empathetic, you put yourself in the client’s shoes and imagine what they must be feeling. Showing empathy can help form personal bonds and build trust.
  3. Be curious. While it seems to make sense that you’ll ask questions of your clients, most real estate agents have developed the opposite habit. Many don’t ask questions for the fear of losing control or not appearing competent. In actuality, your clients will feel more confident if you spend the time asking them the right questions. Asking questions to clarify your client’s motivation and intentions shows that you are truly working for them and putting their needs first.
  4. Be observant. We communicate in various forms, pay attention to what your client is saying not only in words, but take note of their tone and body language.
  5. Demonstrate how you can help. Now that you’ve gathered information about them and what they need, you can position yourself persuasively on how you can help. This will be so much easier and will flow naturally and confidently once you’ve built rapport with them.

What’s your favorite relationship building strategy?

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