4 Ways to Turn Up Your Empathy

4 Ways to Turn Up Your EmpathyIn real estate sales, having empathy can make all the difference in whether a client gives you repeat business or refers you on to their network of friends and family.

Having empathy means that you’re able to put yourself in your client’s shoes, see the world from their perspective, and identify with what they are feeling. Empathy is not the same as having sympathy or taking on another’s emotions; rather, it is your ability to understand how another person may be feeling, whether you agree with them or not.

While you can never truly understand another person’s life and experience, making an effort to understand can go a long way. When you empathize in an authentic and meaningful way, you increase openness and trust with your prospects and clients. This forms the building blocks for a strong relationship between you and them, and also builds your reputation as a real estate agent who works in the best interest of your clients.

If empathy does not come naturally for you, don’t worry. It is a skill that can be learned with continued practice and self-awareness.

Engage in active listening. Ask open-ended questions to explore what your client is feeling and wanting.

Recognize the emotions present. Be sincere and recognize your client as a fellow human being who experiences struggle and triumph, and a range of emotions, just like you do. You can do this by saying things like “I can see how disappointing this is for you” or “I know how stressful it must be.”  This helps validate the person’s emotions and shows that you are making an effort to understand.

Suspend your own judgments, beliefs, assumptions and goals. What may be right for you may not necessarily be right for another person. Don’t assume how your client may react based on their feelings or based on what you would do in the same situation.

Let go of your own need to be right and be in control. Focus your efforts on being a problem solver instead of diagnosing a problem. And then let your client take the lead and tell you what they want and need. Your client will be much more willing to listen to your advice if you’ve taken the time to show empathy and understanding their situation.

How well do you demonstrate empathy towards your clients?

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