4 ways to turn complaining clients into loyal fans

4 strategies to turn complaining clients into loyal fans Wouldn’t it be great if you could sail through life without having to deal with complaints? Working in real estate sales, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across clients, prospects, or colleagues who will oppose your ideas, express negativity, or just have a lousy attitude towards you. In these situations, it’s a natural instinct to get defensive and protect yourself from attack. However, reacting in the heat of the moment can do more harm than good, resulting in both parties walking away angry and hurt, not to mention potential loss of business. Here are some ways to defuse complaints and turn an unhappy client into a devoted business connection who will refer his or her friends and family to you.

Let go of your ego and need to be right. It’s emotionally draining trying to convince someone to see things your way. Instead, park your judgments and get curious about their perspective. Ask questions to clarify your understanding. You’ll be sure to gain insight into their experience as you dig deep. You’ll be amazed at how listening empathetically will calm them down and make them more open to what you have to say.

Don’t take it personally. It helps to keep in mind that at the core, your clients and prospects have good intentions and are looking out for their best interest. Ask yourself, “How would I see this situation if I were in their shoes?” Seek to genuinely understand how they may have come to their conclusions given what they know.

Be solution-oriented. Instead of laying blame, focus on what can be done to rectify a problem. People like having options instead of feeling like they have no decision-making power. Present options and talk about the pros and cons without being attached to the outcome.

Use the opportunity to strengthen a relationship. This is so important. It takes a lot of work to earn a client’s trust and support. The last thing you want is for it to go down the drain and lose a referral source. Show your client that you value his or her patronage, follow up with any complaints, and get to the bottom of fixing problems without delay. Your actions will speak much louder than words, demonstrating your integrity and the way you run your real estate business.

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