4 Steps to Handling Client Disappointment

4 Steps to Handling Client DisappointmentNo one likes to be the bearer of bad news. It can be especially tough to deliver bad news when you’re working hard to meet your clients’ expecations and make them happy. The fact is, in the business of real estate, expectations are not always met. The more emotionally invested a client is, the deeper the disappointment is felt when their wants and needs are not realized. As their agent, your reaction and the way you handle the situation can be critical in how your client perceives you and ultimately, what they tell their family and friends.

The important thing to know is that how people react to disappointing news is largely dependent on how you deliver it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Acknowledge and respond swiftly. Take disappointing news as an opportunity to turn things around and be proactive about understanding your clients wants and needs. Studies show that 70% of clients will do business with you again if you can resolve their issue. If you do it immediately, this jumps to 90%. Further, a satisfied client will tell five people about the problem and how it was satisfactorily resolved.

Review what happened with your client. Listen to your client’s perspective and clarify any misunderstandings. The more open-ended questions you ask, the more you’ll see how they arrived at their decisions and opinions.

Offer solutions. Let them know about possible scenarios and all of their options. This shows that you’re working in a partnership with them and it goes a long way in building their confidence and trust in you.

Take care of your client. Focus on the issue rather than making it personal ie., blaming the client for being fussy/stubborn/arrogant. Regardless of who is at fault, do your best to serve their needs. If your communication reaches a boiling point, graciously refer them to another agent.

Finally, the best way to handle a disappointed client is to not let it get to that point in the first place. Remember, disappointment only happens when expectations are not met. From the outset, find out their expectations and keep the lines of communication open that so that everyone has a common understanding. Inevitably, good or bad service will be talked about so make it worth your time to cultivate your client relations.

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