4 Sales Pitfalls to Avoid in Real Estate

4 Sales Pitfalls to AvoidWhen it comes to mistakes, we all make them. Unfortunately, some mistakes are more costly than others, impacting not only the sale you make today but future business. Here are 4 sales pitfalls to watch out for:

Not knowing your client. Be sure to spend time interviewing your clients so that you have a clear understanding of their wants and needs. Ask lots of questions and probe for their thoughts and feelings. I’ve seen too many agents rush into action without assessing the landscape. This usually results in wasted time and energy focusing on the wrong things. You can only offer timely and appropriate solutions when you have a good grasp of your client’s unique situation.

Not knowing your stuff. Do your homework and be prepared to answer your client’s questions. If you’re getting ready for an open house, prepare a list of all the possible questions you could be asked by prospective buyers. Get to know the history of the house, the neighborhood, and property details. Stay current with the news and trends in real estate.

Discrediting your competition. You may feel the urge to convince your prospects to do business with you by putting down your competition. Resist! When you put down others to make yourself look good, you lose the trust of people and it can negatively impact your reputation in the long-term. Always act with integrity when dealing with your prospects and clients. The way you talk about others (including your competition) speaks volumes about your character and the way you run your business.

Getting distracted by your smartphone. Small things leave a big impression. When you are constantly distracted by incoming phone calls, text messages, and emails, you send a very strong message that you are not present with your client. You give off the impression that there are other more pressing affairs you need to deal with than your client’s business. No one wants to feel like they are unimportant, especially when they’re looking to you to help them make big life decisions with huge financial consequences. Turn off your phone when you are talking to a client or prospect in-person. Giving someone your full attention demonstrates respect and attentiveness.

This week: Identify 3 things you can do better to build rapport with your clients and understand their wants and needs.

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  • George says:

    Speaks volumes. It all seems very logical and something that we would all do without a second thought. However how true it is that many don’t follow this process.
    Thank you Dal!

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