3 Essentials of Effective Networking

3 Essentials of Effective NetworkingAs a real estate agent, you know the importance of connecting with people. Networking is one of the best ways to become known for what you do. When you put your focus on building quality relationships instead of focusing on the number of business cards you can hand out, you create a long-term audience for your business and a recognizable brand for yourself.

The key in cultivating your network is to be top-of-mind. This means that when one of your contacts or someone they know needs to buy or sell property, you are the only possible real estate agent that would come to mind.

Form alliances with other businesses. Build connections with people who also work with your clients when buying or selling a home. Mortgage brokers, insurance agents, carpenters, home stagers, and painters are just few of the people who can refer business to you. Your clients may also need their service and look to you for a good referral. Ease their stress by providing some reputable referrals and at the same time promote your business partners. This is a great way to create a three-way win-win-win relationship.

Be a giver. How often do you meet people at networking events who just talk about themselves? It’s not engaging and it can have the effect of tuning people out. Instead, when you meet someone new, make it a point to ask questions and get curious about their business. Offer to help them out. When you offer to help someone without asking for anything in return, it makes people want to support you too.

Reconnect. It’s a shame when you have fostered a strong relationship with someone only to lose it because you haven’t kept in contact. We’ve all done it and wish we hadn’t let the time pass. Keep in touch!

People want to do business with, and refer business to, people they know, like and trust. Take the time to build meaningful connections and you will reap the rewards ten-fold.

What one thing can you do to cultivate your network this week?

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